What to Expect on a Sunday Morning

Worship that utilizes upbeat music (but we do sing some of the great hymns of the faith) and shares messages from the Bible that relate to life today. There is take-home value from both.

People who are real (warts and all) and who are committed to love each other and grow more, each day, to be like Christ.

Your first visits: Every parking spot is close to a door with easy access to the main lobby and worship center, but there are some spots right by the main doors for those with special physical needs and for guests. When you come, you won't have to sign anything or give anything. You don't have to dress up or feel the need to dress down—just wear something decent and comfortable. Warning—some will want to shake your hand and talk to you. (We even have a few who like to give people hugs.) All but 3 people are friendly (hopefully you won't have to sit by one of them). Stop by the Welcome Center for direction and the Coffee Bar for a free coffee and gift bag for guests.

Membership: When you feel that God is leading you to join LHBC, you will attend Connections Class 101 that covers the basics of who we are as a church, how to have a relationship with Christ, and how to join the church. These classes are held several times throughout the year.

If you have other questions about what to expect, just give us a call at (214)327-7393

Sunday Morning Schedule
9:30 - Journey Groups (Small group Bible study) for all ages
10:50 - Worship Service