Series - Characters and Characteristics of Christmas


How many plays, “cantatas,” & pageants based on “the Christmas story” have you seen? Personally, I have witnessed them from one extreme to the other— from kids in bathrobes (“Aw, aren’t they cute.”) to productions that cost 100s of 1000s of dollars (“Wow, did you see that!?”). But with all their differences, some things are consistent with them all— the characters of the Christmas story. In this Christmas series we are looking at some of them. But more than just looking at the characters in the story, we are focusing on some characteristics of the characters that have application to us 2,000 years later.

12-01-2013 Hanging of the Green
12-08-2013 Characters Characteristics of Christmas - Mary
12-15-2013 Characters Characteristics of Christmas - Joseph
12-22-2013 Characters Characteristics of Christmas - Shepherds