Building a Healthy Church

In the past 25 years, a multitude of books have been written on the characteristics & “how to’s” of healthy churches. There are some obvious things that are important for a church to be healthy &growing: high (but reachable) standards, sound doctrine, prayer, and godly leadership. In this study of 1 Timothy, we look at those as well as some other indispensable but often overlooked or minimized characteristics.

03-15-2015 - Building A Healthy Church - Sound Songs
03-01-2015 - Building a Healthy Church - Servants
02-22-2015 - Building A Healthy Church - Leaders in the Church
02-15-2015 - Building a Healthy Church - Women of the Church
02-08-2015 - Building A Healthy Church - A Praying Church
02-01-2015 - Building A Healthy Church - Ransomed and Redeemed
01-25-2015 - Preventing a Shipwrecked Faith
01-18-2015 - Building a Healthy Church