Faith @ Home

God's plan for the Christian home is for faith to be taught within the family. LHBC wants to partner with parents by equipping them to pass on their faith to their kids. The home is where faith begins; church reinforces that. is that done? How exactly should a father lead family devotions? How exactly are couples supposed to pray together?

Faith@Home exists to help you become intentional about building a God honoring home, one step at a time. This is not another program; we want to make it easier and more likely that YOUR Christian faith will be lived out in YOUR home. Throughout the year, LHBC gives every family resources, ideas, tools, and challenges aimed at strengthening marriages, equipping parents, and preparing youth for adulthood. To learn more, join us for our next Faith@Home campaign, or check out what is in our Faith@Home center located in the lobby. Until then, there are links on the right-side of your screen for you to start using now.



Strengthening Marriages

Equipping Parents

Preparing Young Adults